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In Memorium

  • Blanche was a wonderfully soft and an amazing dog that exuded love and warmth for all who knew her. We will miss your sweet loving presence Blanche. Blanche was born on December 25, 1998 and passed in her sleep on March 23, 2013.

  • Harry Potter, was a wonderful loving little gentleman who was really fun to be around for he was always filled with love and adventure. He and Moose were both wonderfully blessed by their owners, who are these wonderful and remarkable ladies that live in SOHIP.

  • Merlin, you were the most social cat in SOHIP. For all who got to know Merlin, knew him as the magical loving and talkative cat. Merlin we will miss you and your magical charm.

  • Moose was a wonderful, gentle giant that would lean into those that he loved so dearly. Moose we will miss you and your leaning loving ways.

A few of the pets that have passed. Forever in our hearts…

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