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Indoor vs. Outdoor Cats

There’s another great debate about the feline as a pet besides the declawing issue covered in another article. This great debate concerns allowing the feline to roam outdoors vs. living indoors. As usual, there are two sides to this debate. Should you allow your cat to roam outdoors? Let’s find out. The Outdoor Feline Cats […]

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How to Choose a Pet: Dogs vs Cats

If you decided to purchase a pet, you must be responsible and reasonable. This may seem very easy: that`s enough to visit a pet store or bird market and to buy what you liked. However, in reality it is not so simple – in fact each animal requires a certain care and must be suitable […]

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Cats and Dogs Can Coexist

As animal lovers we have had an assortment of pets throughout the years but cats and dogs have been the primary choice when it came to our 4 legged children. Having deciding early on to only adopt rescue animals, we often had behavior issues to address before peace would reign. When you are introducing new […]

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