Preserving Precious Memories

ChrislmART is a pet art business that is about creating and preserving precious memories around the love of our animal companions. Christopher Lee Martin is a fine artist who graduated from Pratt Institute in 2003. He has created this enterprise out of his compassion, love and respect for all animals, and his primary passion for art. ChrislmART is catered to pet owners and animal lovers alike, for these animals need to be remembered for the love and vitality they provide us. Since our animal companions are only with us for a short time, it is his intention to provide a lifelong impression, for the best of your pet forever. As this business grows, he intends to support no kill animal shelters like Operation Kindness here in the Dallas area, along with the North Texas Food Bank’s pet feeding program as well as Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch in Kerrville. This will be expanded as business permits.